This is my first blog!

girls portraits

I am regularly asked to do photos of many different things for many different reasons. We think that using a professional photographer is for portraits of ourselves or our families, keepsakes to put on the wall, or gifts to give to relatives. But as we live in a more socially fluid world, photos are needed in many different ways. Photographs to represent ourselves on social media need to be updated all the time. They need to represent us, right now. Photos of products we sell. They need to represent the whole shopping experience, to keep ahead of our competitors.

I am also asked for advice on how to use the family camera. The one with loads of functions but is only ever used in automatic!!

So. I will share the bizarre and the beautiful and will regularly post top tips that can be used to improve the way you take your own photos, whether that is on your phone or your family camera!!

Watch this space!

Mrs M xx


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